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2/18/2011 2:42 PM 

The simplest answer to this is to restore a backup of the database.  If however you don't have one then this is how to clean up the database.

The core of the database resides in four tables - user, revision, page and text.  Revision can be considered the core of the core, as the others link through it to relate to one another.

Users create revisions which have a page and text associated with them.

To find all of the pages and revisions created by a user, you can use the following SQL commands:

select user_id from user where user_email='a@b.com';

This will give you the internal user_id number referenced in the revision, page and text tables to allow you to remove what that user added.

First remove the text:

delete from text where old_id in (select rev_text_id from revision where rev_user=user_id);

Where user_id is the one you got from the select statement above.

Then remove the pages:

delete from page where page_id in (select rev_page from revision where rev_user=user_id);

Now remove the revisions:

delete from revision where rev_user=user_id;

And finally remove the user themselves:

delete from user where user_id=user_id;


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Users activity and accounts cleaner for MediaWiki

This shell script may be useful too:


By CleanMediawiki on  11/4/2014 6:24 AM

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