Written by:David Aldridge
6/22/2011 3:56 PM 

Only four of the original modules that come with SugarCRM come with the Sugar Feed enabled.  Adding a Sugar Feed to a module is quite easy.

First in the module directory, create a 'SugarFeeds' directory.  Then copy in the php file from one of the current feeds that work (ie modules/Cases/SugarFeeds/casefeed.php) and adjust it as follows:

1.  Rename the file appropriately for the module.
2.  Adjust the class name in the file to match the filename you changed it to.
3.  Adjust the module variable appropriately.
4.  Adjust the text variable appropriately.

If you change the text, then you will need to add any new language substitions to the sugarfeed module language file (modules/SugarFeed/language/en-us.lang.php) and clear it out of the module cache.


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